Ahbap Values

AHBAP Common Ground

Ahbap Common Ground is a set of rules that anyone who wants to call themselves an Ahbap must accept and declare. In order to organize an activity under Ahbap Platform's name, one must first understand, accept and act accordingly within Ahbap's common values.

A prospective Ahbap candidate should:

  1. Signup to Ahbap.org
  2. Read and accept the Ahbap Common Ground Agreement available on Ahbap.org
  3. Fill out the Ahbap form (those who do not fill out this form properly shall not be added to the working/messaging groups).
  4. Successfully complete the 47-day Ahbap Orientation program.

Those who do not complete the Ahbap Candidate steps cannot join the Ahbap Orientation Program.

During the Orientation, candidates shall be evaluated based on their:

  1. Performance at the "I have read and understand" test
  2. Participation in at least three (3) Ahbap events
  3. Impression of the president and two members of the board of directors for the respective city.

Those who complete the orientation process successfully become Ahbap volunteers.

Ahbap Common Ground Agreement

The Common Ground Agreement expects those who become an Ahbap to be:

  1. In pursuit of love: On a transparent ground, in unity, pursuing love and the truth.
  2. Fair: Justice is the respect for and fulfilment of rights. The distinction between right and wrong is achieved through justice. Ahbap treats everyone not equally but with equity.
  3. Honest: Ahbap knows their own rights, values the rights of others, and does not cheat, deceive and mislead.
  4. Helpful: Sharing and charitable. Supports anyone in need through opportunities it can create, without expecting anything in return.
  5. Productive: Strives to improve society and the world; develops reasonable projects and solutions that promote peace.
  6. Harmonious, positive, non-violent communication: Non-violent and positive communication, doe not gossip, Listens to each others ideas with respect and patience, is solution-oriented toward problems, does not fall into unnecessary resentment and frustration.
  7. Innovative and Open to Growth: Shows utmost care toward personal development. Open to growth, change, and criticism. Constantly reinvents itself and moves forward.
  8. Nature and animal lover: Nature and all living things on earth are integral parts of their lives. Approaches animals with love, support and justice; takes care of nature and the environment we live in, the way they take care of their own home.
  9. Free from political entanglements: has no ties whatsoever to politics. Does not bring politics into Ahbap, or engage in its conversation.
  10. Unifying: Embraces helps and collaborates with all people regardless of their language, religion, race or gender.
  11. Selfless: Does not use the Ahbap platform to further their personal gains.
  12. Scientific: Reads, researches and follows life closely, sharing only verified information.
  13. Hardworking and able to take responsibility: Makes an effort, enjoys working, takes responsibility for all of their actions.