What is Ahbap?

What is Ahbap?

Ahbap, is a collaborative movement, working with a value system based on solidarity, sharing, caring, and belonging, while combining the unifying and transforming wealth of the cultural treasures of Anatolia with the opportunities offered by modern information technology, moving them into the future.

Not just Life, but the Right to Life:

The right to live is the provision of the minimum conditions necessary for a living being to continue life, such as breathing, food, and water. The right to life is access to social, cultural and economically modern facilities. If an individual is born as the addressee of the problems left to the world by his or her predecessors, he or she must also be born as a partner to the world resources and humanity's information treasure. For these reasons, every individual must benefit equally from the social, cultural and vital needs that are paid for by society. Ahbap works short/medium/long term by mobilizing social dynamics and solidarity values for people in need of urgent access to these needs.

Sustainable Solidarity:

Within the framework of the definition of the right to life, Ahbap will establish working groups and develop projects based on sustainable solidarity models.

Collaboration – Ahbap Common Vision:

Together with its representatives all over the country, Ahbap will create local and general projects that will integrate local values with global knowledge, and will establish its own cooperation models for the necessary support and work in the implementation and realization of these projects.

Nonviolent Communication Against Discrimination and Hate:

Ahbap is a unification movement. It draws its strength from its understanding of equal solidarity with every human being, regardless of gender, language, religion, race, or political opinion.

Environment - Upgrading Anatolia for the Future:

Ahbap will carry out local development, employment, and integration projects with global knowledge by interpreting the Anatolian cultural and natural treasures within the framework of sustainable environmental awareness with the possibilities of current science and technology.