Assistance Board

Assistance Board

Responsible for ensuring that assistance organizations organized in the cities are carried out in accordance with Ahbap values. Within a sustainable solidarity approach, it collects the necessary information about the assistance activities to be carried out and systematically shares this information with the authorities.

Conducts research on all requests for assistance within the scope of possibilities, conducts research on the party requesting assistance, and confirms the accuracy of the information provided to Ahbap.

Requests for assistance related to the city will appear on the user dashboard. Organizes incoming requests from different cities and transfers them to the related city's support group.

Manages the Ahbap Emergency account with Ahbap media support, announces verified assistance requests and completes follow-up. Transfers the calls that require urgent intervention to this unit.


By utilizing the possibilities of current technology, the Charity Board ensures that the needs of people from all segments of society are fulfilled. It aims to act as a bridge between the benefactor and the beneficiary by investigating the truth and reality in order to guide benefactors who want to help, produce solutions and reach those in need. It aims to facilitate assistance activities through institutional collaborations (hospital chains, medical centers, supermarkets, etc.) through software that will enable those in need to access assistance more easily and to be easily informed about and benefit from government resources.


The Assistance Board always works quickly in all of the Ahbap Cities by acting practically, quickly and in a solution-oriented manner. Within the framework of the Ahbap values, it acts in an investigative, transparent and fair manner and works to encourage goodness, solidarity, and tolerance in society. By being an Ahbap to those in need in difficult situations, it provides moral support in the process of meeting the needs. In order to spread genuine goodness, it looks out for every opportunity to explain, understand and practice being an Ahbap. It organizes projects and assistance campaigns that encourage solidarity among all humanity, especially among Ahbap volunteers.