Humanity Board


Conducts research on issues related to human, women and children's rights within the framework of Ahbap values and legal rules, and generates ideas for events and activities to raise awareness of these topics in society.

Participates in activities that support personal development, with the goal of enhancing individuals' potential in any field, including those of Ahbap volunteers.

Supports individuals who have suffered material or moral damage in the psychological, physical and legal fields and supports their struggles.

It follows international developments for the protection and development of human rights, prevention of discrimination and elimination of violations and endeavours to inform and raise the awareness of society through publications and education by using mass media.

It carries out various activities to raise awareness, inform society and increase sensitivity for disadvantaged individuals; it plays a guiding role for individuals who apply to Ahbap.


Humanity Board aims to value every living being. Within the framework of Ahbap values and laws, it works to protect and improve the rights of all living beings, to prevent discrimination and eliminate rights violations. It aims to inform victims of human rights and discrimination violations by using the mass media.


The Humanity Board conducts research on human rights issues within the framework of Ahbap values and laws and engages in activities that promote solidarity to prevent, using nonviolent communication, the isolation of disadvantaged groups from society.

Generates ideas for activities and events to increase awareness of society.