Education Board

Education Board

We have united to protect children's right to live in our country and the world. At AHBAP, our aim is to help everyone, especially children, who wants to study, in human conditions, in safety, peace, respect and love and to prepare them to go wherever they want for the bright future they deserve.

To elevate the thinking of individuals of all ages about life, culture, nature and science through cooperation, reading and experience. To raise generations who are open to learning, thinking and producing. Because children are the future.

Educating a person is the most valuable investment for a bright future. The Education Working Group develops ideas coinciding with Ahbap's values to help solve educational problems observed on national and international levels.

It informs the education of future generations. Establishes Ahbap's bond between schools and the students, teachers, and school administrations. Establishes and maintains relations with official education institutions within the parameters of the law. Organizes work to be done about libraries. Conducts book donation campaigns.


The Education Board; in line with everyone's dreams and abilities, without any discrimination, aims to support the enlightenment of the society through the outstanding contributions of Ahbap and to raise awareness of the society on issues that require awareness.


The Education Board, knowing that education is necessary in every aspect and point in life, collaborates with relevant people, institutions and organizations to reach out to anyone interested in creating with curiosity and love based on one's unique, free, personal interests, talents and the society's desire for information. Is not limited by school, teacher, book or student and creates and implements effective and sustainable projects that are relevant to life, fun and innovative, without excluding anyone regardless of category or subject.