Ahbap Kalbi
Kız Kardeşim - Yıldızlar Karması Programı Başlıyor
Türkiye'nin Genç Kadınlarına Işık Tutacak "Kız Kardeşim - Yıldızlar Karması" Programı başlıyor.
Ahbap Kalbi
Support for Disasters in Turkey
Your generosity will help provide shelter, food, and medical supplies to those in need.
Ahbap Kalbi
Deprem Güvenli Noktalar Haritası
Deprem sonrasında evlerini terk etmek zorunda kalan vatandaşlara kapısını açan kurum ve işletmeleri aşağıdaki haritada bulabilir, size en yakın noktaya gidebilirsiniz.
Haritayı Gör


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What is Ahbap?

Ahbap, is a collaborative movement, working with a value system based on solidarity, sharing, caring, and belonging, while combining the unifying and transforming wealth of the cultural treasures of Anatolia with the opportunities offered by modern information technology, moving them into the future.
The Ahbap Association was established to provide all kinds of help, in the form of in-kind and cash assistance, to those in need, to strengthen the awareness of solidarity across all segments of society, help create a good society made up of good people, build modern and sustainable networks of mutual assistance and solidarity to aid new cooperation models and projects, and protect local culture while contributing to its development, with today's technological opportunities, moving it into the future.
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